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The cost of cargo insurance these days is relatively minimal. It makes little commercial sense to rely upon a doubtful and difficult recovery process when the cost of adequate protection is so easily affordable


KTS has developed a product that allows its clients to either pay premiums for a policy for specific shipments or take a policy that covers all shipments (moved by air or ocean) over a specific period of time.

Either method provides KTS's customers with the added comfort that in the worst-case scenario their investments are safe, their exposure is limited and their costs are controlled.

KTS offers the following insurance protection according to the needs of clients:

  • Policy premiums for specific shipments.

  • Policy that covers all shipments moved by air / ocean over a specific period of time.

  • Competitive premiums and highly reputed insurer.

  • Protection against carrier's limited liability.

  • Local and simple claims support.

  • KTS has established a viable insurance cover for cargos moved into Iraq.

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