TQM - Quality Policy

TQM - Quality Policy

Kuwait Transcontinental Shipping Co. W.L.L (KTS) is a service organisation. The service we offer to our Principals and customers is our 'product'. At KTS, our goal is to go beyond satisfying the requirements and expectations of our Principals.

At all levels of the KTS organisation, our aim is to fulfil this goal. We constantly adhere to the "KTS spirit" which is the special standard of behaviour set by the Management and staff, which can be seen in our attitude towards our Principals, our clients and each other. We must all strive together as a team to ensure that our processes, activities, offices, publications and equipment are as perfect as possible. The quality of our behaviour, our performance, our written documents and our equipment reflect the quality of our organisation. Our personnel regularly review their behaviour, performance and their written procedures to constantly improve the service delivered to our Principals.
We all know that we are not infallible, but we also know that the future of our organisation lies in constantly re-evaluating and improving our behaviour, services and equipment. We will monitor, review and analyse our quality objectives at planned intervals.  

The Quality System Manuals describe the quality of our organisation,as well as the activities and performance. The Quality System Manuals, as a minimum, fulfil the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. All personnel are aware of the services offered by KTS, described in our corporate literature.

Our personnel know the Quality that KTS stands for and adhere to this policy. We all know what is expected of us in our positions and we will use all our skills to achieve this. At KTS, all personnel are able to react and give constructive recommendations to continuously improve the services offered to our Principals. We must keep improving in order to maintain the quality of service offered by KTS.

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